Reducing our impact

Within South Ayrshire Council we constantly work to reduce our carbon emissions from all of our activities, such as emissions from household waste in landfill sites, to the electricity used to light the streets of South Ayrshire.

The emissions from our buildings heating and electricity - the amount of greenhouse gases we produce (measured in units of CO2) – amounted to 20,036 tonnes in 2012/13. This figure is an impressive 10% reduction on 2005/6 levels.

We have also reduced the carbon emissions from our vehicles, the figure of 3289 tonnes in 2012/13, an 11% reduction on 2005/6 levels.

Whilst we have a long way to go to reach Scottish Government targets in 2020, we continue to work on projects that will reduce our carbon emissions and help save us money by being more energy efficient, such as:

  • installing more efficient heating and lighting systems and controls;
  • the use of variable lighting on our roads;
  • investing in efficient sustainable sources of heating our buildings;
  • developing alternative travel options for employees to reduce the need to use private transport and encourage cycling, walking and car sharing; and
  • working with partnership organisations to improve insulation levels in homes across South Ayrshire.

Further details about these commitments and the progress we are making can be found in our annual report on Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration.

You can also make a real difference, by recycling and reducing your waste, and by being more energy efficient in your home. Householders can obtain free independent advice on energy efficiency measures from the Energy Agency on 01292 521896.