Water pollution

With the increased development and industrialisation of the world so the likelihood of water pollution increases. While it is essential that we have clean fresh drinking water for drinking and cooking.

An increasing population means an increasing sewerage problem. In this country the majority of sewerage is treated prior to being expelled into our seas. Much of South Ayrshire’s sewerage systems have been improved which in turn has improved the quality of the bathing water. However in the developing countries this is not always the case and sewerage is pumped directly into watercourses. Resulting in polluted drinking and bathing water, increased risk of diseases and eventually the death of the river by oxygen starvation. The high nitrogen content within the sewerage promotes the growth of algae and other aquatic plants, which in turn absorb all the oxygen, killing all other life forms such as fish and eels.

The other main forms of water pollution come from: runoff from farms whether pesticide, herbicide or fertiliser all will pollute the watercourse into which it runs. Industry is responsible for the discharge of many chemical agents into watercourses or leaching into water table. Trade, such as the export and import of oil, we have all heard of the oil spills which cause devastation.