Land pollution

Land pollution is the inevitable result of a growing world population that to a greater extent lives a disposable lifestyle... ...Especially in the developed countries. With this larger population comes the greater production of waste and the problem of disposal.

For many decades, dumping and landfilling (a large hole in the ground into which waste is put and then covered over) have been the main methods of dealing with our waste. However this is now changing, the two main reasons being... ...we are running out of holes in the ground and that there is growing evidence of health issues relating to landfill sites.

Land pollution can also linked to water and air pollution e.g. run off of chemicals whether industry or farming into the water course = water pollution; the creation and release of methane from landfill sites = air pollution.

With the increase in land pollution so is they're an increase in the loss of habitats such as woodlands, moors and grassland, which directly effects the number of species in the area.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that the waste that we create is disposed of in a responsible manner. First we should Reduce the waste that we create, Reuse and Recycle that which we can't. View a listing of all the recycling points within South Ayrshire.

Remember dropping litter is now an offence within South Ayrshire and if you are caught you could be subject to a £50 fine!