South Ayrshire Sustainability Partnership Conference, May 2006

The extremely successful 2006 Sustainability Partnership conference (funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme) took place on the 4th May 2006 at the County Buildings, Ayr

Its aim was to focus on one of the four Partnership objectives (to promote sustainable design and construction), and also to provide practical guidance on a range of topics relating to the incorporation of sustainability into today’s developments.

Issues explored were:

  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Resource Management
  • Incorporating Sustainability into Planning
  • Learning how to assess the sustainability of a building or development
  • Learning how to implement the latest legislation
  • How to determine the impact of sustainable development design

There was a phenomenal response to the invitation process, resulting in a wide spread of technical and professional delegates (Architects, Building Control Officers, Consultants, Developers, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Planners and Energy Management Officers), together with representatives of the German, Spanish and Greek Energy Agencies.


Micro - Renewables (low or zero carbon generation of electricity or heat) is an area of growing interest for architects, developers, local authorities, and building owners.
Led by: Chris Morris, Energy Savings Trust
Questions and Answers arising from the Micro – Renewables workshops

EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive
The energy performance in buildings directive aims to improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings.
Led by: Gavin Peart, Scottish Building Standards Agency
Questions and Answers arising from the EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive workshop

Including Sustainability in the Brief
The need to detail sustainability conditions at an early stage in project development is becoming an increasingly important aspect of contract specifications
Led by: Kate Mills, Building Research Establishment

Materials and Recycling
Every client and developer wants to keep the cost of their development to a minimum; resource efficiency affords you the opportunity to minimise costs.
Led by: John Forbes, WRAP
Questions and Answers arising from the Materials and Recycling workshops

Sustainability Checklists
With Sustainable Development becoming an intrinsic aspect of Planning Policy together with the increase in Environmental Legislation, professionals are now seeking ways to design and construct developments that incorporate sustainability
Led by: Amanda Gallagher, Building Research Establishment
Questions and Answers arising from the Sustainability Checklists workshops

Why Bother?
What is Sustainable Design and Construction? Why should I bother? What's it going to cost me? Is it going to mean that the building will be cheaper to run?
Led by: Lori McElroy, The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Questions and Answers arising from the Why Bother workshops


Sustainable Design and Construction Drivers
A presentation by Kate Mills of Building Research Establishment, England

Planning for Sustainability in the Highlands
A presentation by Una Lee, Sustainable Development Officer of Highland Council

Delivering Very Low Energy Houses in Germany
A presentation by Martin Sambale, Managing Director of the Allgau Energy Agency

Is Sustainable Design and Construction Compatible with Commercial Developments?
A presentation by Edward Woods, Production Director for George Wimpey

Just Do It!
A presentation by Lori McElroy, The Lighthouse