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COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available
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  • Annbank and Mossblown paths (Adobe pdf documents)

    annbank and mossblown paths Th is p ro du ct in cl ud es m ap pi ng d at a lic en ce d fr om O rd na nc e Su rv ey w ith th e A nn ba nk / M os sb lo w n/

  • Trading standards and environmental health

    Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our priority is to protect public health, while providing support and advice to businesses across South Ayrshire...

  • scottish-milk-healthy-snack-scheme-guidance-local-authorities-day-care-settings (Adobe pdf documents)

    Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme: Guidance for Local Authorities and Day Care Settings Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme: Statutory Guidance for Loca...

  • Earth Hour Challenge (Adobe pdf documents)

    ...- Potty about Pollinators Day2 - Brilliant Birds Day 3 - Eco Friendly Travel Day 4 - Be a Waste Buster Day 5 - Eat for your planet...

  • Earth Hour Quiz (Adobe pdf documents)

    EARTH HOUR QUIZ 1.Which of the following should you feed a garden bird? a) peanuts b) sunflower seeds c) mealworms d) all of the above 2. There is a big interna...

  • Community Support Groups

    For information on community support groups, please see the documents below.  mPower Support for over 65s Please be aware that mPower continues to provide bespo...

  • Fees and charges 2021/22 (Excel)

    Sheet1 Trading Standards Fees and Charges 2021/22 Weights & Measures Subject Detail Fee 2021/22 (exc VAT) Fee 2021/22 (Inc 20% VAT) Petroleum Certificates Trans...

  • Baseline data relating to South Ayrshire (Adobe pdf documents)

    BIODIVERSITY, FLORA & FAUNA Special Areas of Conservation South Ayrshire has 2 areas which have been designated SAC’s under the EU Directive 92/43/EEC on the Co...

  • Troon early years overall site plan (Adobe pdf documents)

    ...Service Vehicle Area Sprinkler Enclosure Store Store Raised Planter Raised Planter 2 AP PR OX LO CA TIO N OF N EW R OA D FR OM N

  • No to Cold Calling poster (Adobe pdf documents)

    ...traders PLEASE LEAVE AND DO NOT RETURN Failure to do so is a criminal offence C O LD CALLING - DON ’T BU Y IT CO LD CA LLIN G - DON’T