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COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available
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  • Alternative route (Adobe pdf documents)

    Alternative route

  • Alternative ways to complain

    Should you not wish to submit a complaint online you can complain: in person at any council office by calling 0300 123 0900 in writing to: Customer Services, So...

  • 3D visuals - sheet 1 (Adobe pdf documents)

    Prestwick campus 3d visuals sheet 1 _ _ Proposed Prestwick Educational Campus - Birds Eye View - Southwest Proposed Prestwick Educational...

  • Child Protection - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    ...properly fed, cared for, clothed or sheltered, kept clean or safe or does not receive medical treatment when they need it. Children who are

  • Earth Hour Challenge (Adobe pdf documents)

    South Ayrshire Earth Hour Challenge Day 1 - Potty about Pollinators Day2 - Brilliant Birds Day 3 - Eco Friendly Travel Day 4 - Be a...

  • Earth Hour Quiz (Adobe pdf documents)

    EARTH HOUR QUIZ 1.Which of the following should you feed a garden bird? a) peanuts b) sunflower seeds c) mealworms d) all of the above...

  • Recycling metals at home

    ...And it's not just items used in the kitchen that are recyclable! Aerosols used for deodorants, shaving foam and hair spray can also be

  • Appendix 3 - SAC Summary of User Group Meetings (Adobe pdf documents)

    ...activity centre is approved for transfer and what options may be available as an alternative. Petanque Club – Explained to the club representative

  • Book a Council Tax appointment

    ...Tax transactions can be completed online, visit the section for more information. Alternatively, if you wish to book an appointment for a call...

  • Ayr nature trail

    ...plants, but there is something of interest at all times of the year. Insects and birds follow the plants, and on the river itself both...