Recruitment of volunteer members for Education Appeals Committees and Local Attendance Councils

South Ayrshire Council is currently looking to recruit new volunteer members to sit on Education Appeal Committees and Local Attendance Councils. Education Appeal Committees are required by statute to hear appeals against a refused placing request or an appeal against an exclusion from school. Local Attendance Councils meet to hear cases involving pupils whose attendance at school is extremely poor. Attendance cases are normally referred to the Attendance Council by the school.

South Ayrshire Council’s appeals system relies on the involvement of people from all walks of life, who give their time and commitment voluntarily to serve as members. These members are selected and trained to sit on Appeals Committees and Attendance Councils in South Ayrshire.

Being a volunteer member is hugely rewarding, but cases can often be complex and emotionally challenging.

Volunteer members will be drawn from any individuals who are interested in the Educational wellbeing of children and young people. Volunteer members do not require any qualifications and full training will be provided before you take up the position. Your appointment is subject to the satisfactory completion of training.

What is not important

  • gender
  • religion
  • age
  • qualifications
  • employment

Very important

  • ability to understand young people
  • sensitive to young people
  • be willing to attend training
  • non-judgemental
  • recognise how difficult it is to attend a hearing and have your life discussed in front of you
  • look beyond the papers in front of them

Characteristics of a good volunteer member

  • good listener
  • reliable
  • kind
  • good communicator
  • caring
  • makes an effort
  • confident in themselves
  • gives parents/carers or young people the time to say what they need to say

Education Appeal Committees and Attendance Councils are normally held during the day and occasionally in the evening. The meetings are set up some weeks in advance. If you are currently in employment, it is essential that you speak to your employer before applying to become a volunteer member as time off would be required during normal working hours. There is no remuneration for being a volunteer member, however, any travelling expenses incurred in relation to an Appeal Committee or Attendance Council will be met by the authority.

If you are interested in applying to become a volunteer member, please click on the following links which will take you to the application form and additional information. This may help you to decide if becoming a volunteer member is really for you.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a panel member.