Secondary school timetable

All secondary schools in South Ayrshire Council use a 33 period week. The benefits of this are:

  • More efficient timetabling;
  • Allows the delivery of Physical Education to statutory requirements;
  • More aligned to the delivery of Curriculum of Excellence; and
  • Allows early closure of Thursday and Friday to develop sports and leisure activities.

Please contact your secondary school for more information about the 33 period week.

Opening times

  • Monday and Tuesday: 8:45 to 15:40
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:45 to 14:50

Lunch/Break times

  • Mon/Tue: Morning break - 10.25am to 10.40am
  • Mon/Tue: Lunchtime - 1.10pm to 2.00pm
  • Wed/Thur/Fri: Morning break - 10.25am to 10.40pm
  • Wed/Thur/Fri: Lunchtime - 12.20pm to 1.10pm