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Change in secondary school timetable

From August 2011 onwards, all secondary schools in South Ayrshire Council will move to a 33 period week. The benefits of this change are:

  • More efficient Timetabling;
  • Allows the delivery of Physical Education to statutory requirements;
  • More aligned to the delivery of Curriculum of Excellence; and
  • Allows early closure of Thursday and Friday to develop sports and leisure activities.

Please contact you secondary school for more information about the 33 period week.

The opening and closure times of secondary schools have therefore been altered to accommodate the changes in the timetable and the new times are listed below.

Opening times

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 8:45 to 15:40
  • Thursday and Friday: 8:45 to 14:50

Lunch/Break times

  • Mon/Tue/Wed: Morning break - 10.25am to 10.40am
  • Mon/Tue/Wed: Lunchtime - 1.10pm to 2.00pm
  • Thur and Friday: Morning break - 10.25am to 10.40pm
  • Thur and Friday: Lunchtimes - 12.20pm to 1.10pm

Pupils in receipt of free school transport will be notified of the new pick up times after 7th June 2011. In general terms existing pick-up locations will not change and pick-up times will altered directly in line with the changes to opening and closing times.

However, should you wish to clarify specific details on pick-up/drop-off times, please call Strathclyde Passenger Transport Helpline on 0141 333 3362.

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