Nursery school meals

We provide a three week menu cycle in all nurseries based on Setting the Table guidelines.

Menus are subject to local amendments to meet children’s requirements and availability. Vegetarian and special diet meals are available on request, for further information please speak to the Catering Supervisor.

Download and print the nursery school menu or to view allergens in nursery meals see allergens (Primary School meals).

Week 1

Week commencing: 13th January, 3rd February, 24th February, 16th March, 27th April, 18th May, 8th June, 29th June, 20th July, 10th August, 31st August, 21st September

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chicken Curry & Boiled rice
Steak pie with neeps & tatties
Fruit platter
Quorn chilli Mince with Garlic bread
Vegetable soup
Macaroni cheese
Fish fingers with beans and potatoes
Frozen yogurt

Week 2

Week commencing: 20th January, 10th February, 2nd March, 23rd March, 13th April, 4th May, 25th May, 15th June, 6th July, 27th July, 17th August, 7th September, 28th September

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Turkey roast with baby boiled potatoes & vegetables
Selection of whole fruit
Lentil soup
Fish fingers with mashed potatoes & peas
Kashmiri chicken curry with boiled rice and naan bread
Fruit platter
Pasta bolognaise
Jumbo sausage with baby potatoes and beans

Week 3

Week commencing: 6th January, 27th January, 17th February, 9th March, 20th April, 11th May, 1st June, 22nd June, 13th July, 3th August, 24th August, 14th September, 5th October

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mince pie with roast potatoes
Fish fingers with peas and baby boiled potatoes
Fruit platter
Chicken & rice soup
Sausage casserole with mashed potatoes
Paprika chicken goulash with garlic bread
Fruit platter
Chicken fillet with potatoes and peas
Fruit jelly