Proposed Maybole Community Campus

In 2012 the Council opened up a discussion with the Maybole community to explore the possibility of improving the school estate. The outcome of that discussion resulted in the idea of a community campus for Maybole that would include all of the schools on the same site. This gives all children and young people access to state of the art learning and teaching accommodation and sports facilities. Safe routes to school have been a major hurdle and the lack of progress with the Maybole by-pass meant that it would have been difficult to take the campus idea forward at that time. Now that the by-pass is going ahead, with work due to start next year, we can consider the potential for a community campus.

We anticipate that the Scottish Government will invite bids from Councils for further funding for their Schools for the Future Programme and it would be our intention to put forward the Community Campus project for consideration. The new campus would incorporate Carrick Academy, St Cuthbert’s Primary and a new non-denominational primary school that would be formed by amalgamating Cairn Primary and Gardenrose Primary. Early years provision and enhanced sports, leisure and community facilities will also be included.

We met informally with each of the Parent Councils in Maybole and explained the background to the Campus and how it will be taken forward. Architects gave a presentation to them which confirmed that a community campus building could be accommodated on the Carrick Academy site along with some sketch images on how it might look. The presentations can be found below.

The proposed changes to the primary school arrangements require statutory consultation with all stakeholders particularly staff, parents, children and young people. It is our intention to seek approval from the Council in February 2018 to start this consultation process. Consultees will have every opportunity to make their views known.

If the Council agrees to the consultation process starting, it will include several meetings that the public can attend and put forward their views on the subject. A document will be issued which explains the proposals in detail and will be made available to everyone who wants to contribute their views. Elements of the consultation are also subject to Scottish Government Call-in arrangements and would also require referral to Scottish Ministers.

With work on the by-pass starting in 2018, plans for the regeneration of the high street progressing and the potential to include a community campus, collectively they offer a once in the life time opportunity for the people of Maybole to bring about real and long lasting changes for the town.