School estate - planning for improvement

South Ayrshire Council continues to progress positively against the aims that were published in the document “Fundamental Review of the School Estate – Planning for Improvement”. The outcome of the review helped inform the development of the School Estate Management Plan. The plan ensures that the Council takes a long term strategic approach to planning investment in the school estate.

Investment in schools

Through the capital investment programme the Council has made significant improvement to school buildings and learning environments for children and young people, teaching staff, school support staff and the wider community.

Examples of school investment

Examples include, Colmonell Primary School which was the first new build to be completed in 2010, following the Council’s fundamental review of the school estate. The new school was a demonstration of the Council’s commitment to support rural communities and provide state of the art learning facilities that are more flexible and sustainable in the long term. An example of a major refurbishment and extension is Forehill Primary School which has completely transformed the school. The infant area is now a modern flexible learning space that is bright and colourful. The main entrance and reception area have been relocated to a more appropriate location and creates a welcoming approach for visitors. The dining and PE spaces have been significantly improved to ensure that the facilities are sufficient and suitable for users. As part of the Council’s commitment to improve community access to schools a new lifelong learning room has been provided.

Future investment

Over the next five years, the Council will invest a further 135m to modernise the school estate to 21st century standards. The agreed programme includes new schools for Queen Margaret Academy, Invergarven School and Glenburn Primary School and the modernisation of Ballantrae Primary School and Barr Primary School.

New projects

Completed projects