Education outcomes and actions 2014-17

  1. The proportion of young people and adults with relevant qualifications is increased
    • Implement a consistent model for the delivery of final year Broad General Education and the Senior Phase in all secondary schools.
    • Ensure ‘Opportunities for All Framework’ supports young people furthest from the labour market to access to post school learning choices.
  2. More children and young people are successful learners, responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors
    • Implement Curriculum for Excellence for all learners.
    • Improve experiences and outcomes for all learners through the quality improvement programme in schools.
  3. The gap between the highest and lowest achievers is narrowed
    • Further develop and support performance monitoring and reporting processes to include targeted groups.
  4. We look after our most vulnerable children and families
    • Support the implementation of the Children and Young People’s Act in schools.
    • Continue to improve our interagency processes to identify, assess and plan for children at risk.
  5. We develop our workforce and maximise attendance
    • Ensure the composition and skill base of the workforce reflects organisational needs.
  6. We use performance management and self-evaluation to drive improvement
    • Further embed ‘How Good is our Council’ across all services.
    • Integrate service planning, resource planning and budgetary prioritisation processes in line with the Council’s Strategic objectives.