Road safety


South Ayrshire Council has a statutory duty in relation to road safety and fully supports the vision of the Scottish Government’s “Road Safety Framework to 2020” of...

"A steady reduction in the numbers of those killed and those seriously injured, with the ultimate vision of a future where no-one is killed on Scotland’s roads, and the injury rate is much reduced." Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020

Having succeeded in reducing casualties resulting from road collisions beyond the 2010 casualty reduction target as set by the UK government, South Ayrshire has adopted the latest Scottish road safety targets to 2020 as set by the Scottish Government.

Target 2015 Milestone
% Reduction
2020 Target
% Reduction
People killed 30% 40%
People seriously injured 43% 55%
Children (<16 yrs) killed 35% 50%
Children (<16 yrs) seriously injured 50% 65%

In addition the previous 10% reduction target in the slight casualty rate will continue to 2020.

In September 2013, South Ayrshire Council’s made a further commitment to Road Safety, when the Leadership Panel approved the South Ayrshire Road Safety Plan up to 2020.

The plan provides the road map for further reductions in injuries resulting from collisions on the road.