Riverside Place consultation and engagement

Later this year, Councillors will be asked to consider the long-term future of the three multi-storey blocks at Riverside Place, Ayr.

Their considerations will be based around three options:

  1. Refurbish – this means the Council would keep the flats, decant tenants, carry out identified refurbishment works, and then return tenants to their refurbished flats.
  2. Rehouse – this means tenants would be rehoused permanently in suitable alternative accommodation and the flats would be demolished.
  3. Rebuild – this means tenants would be decanted to temporary accommodation and the flats would be demolished before some tenants return to a new-build housing development on the Riverside Place site.

What the current tenants of Riverside Place think about these options will help inform any decisions Councillors have to take.

We’re consulting and engaging with the tenants to find out what they would like to see happen to the flats and what they want for their future.

Tenant feedback as well as factors such as affordability, available funding and impact of the different options will all be taken into account by Councillors before any decision is made.