Feed a bin not a gull

Feed a bin not a gull

Feeding gulls can make them more aggressive as they come to depend on humans for food. We want people to stop feeding the gulls as it encourages them to steal food on a regular basis.

Did you know that dropping food waste is the same as littering and if you are caught dropping food, you could face an £80 fine? So why risk it, feed a bin not a gull.

Our seaside towns and villages are extremely attractive to gulls and the noise, mess and damage to property is becoming much more common too. Gulls are opportunistic and will go where food is plentiful, so if you keep feeding the gulls you are creating even more problems.

The Council has no statutory duty to take action against problem gulls, so we are working to highlight the problem and encourage everyone to respect South Ayrshire.

Please ensure litter and other food waste is properly stored and/or disposed of using a bin. If there are no bins present, please keep hold of your rubbish until you find one or take it home.

Further information

Advice on the gull problem in parts of South Ayrshire