Recycle and Reward

Empty cans and plastic bottles can now be exchanged for bags of compost, swimming vouchers and cinema vouchers thanks to an innovative pilot ‘Recycle and Reward’ scheme funded by Zero Waste Scotland.

Distinctive ‘Recycle and Reward’ reverse vending machines have been installed by the Council at both Troon recycling centre and Marr College in the town, with the machines giving out vouchers in return for the number of can and plastic bottles recycled.

The machines are easy to use with vouchers issued every time you recycle – each voucher details how many can or bottle items have been recycled and once the required number of items have been recycled, the vouchers can be exchanged for a terrific reward.

At Troon recycling centre, 50 items will get you a 70-litre bag of compost, which can be used to help your garden grow; while at Marr College 40 recycled items will give pupils a swimming voucher, giving them a chance to make a splash.

Alternatively, pupils can keep recycling and exchange vouchers for 100 recycled items for a cinema voucher, giving them the chance to go from Marr to the movies – all thanks to empty bottles and cans.

Cans and bottles can be recycled at the Recycle and Reward machine at Troon recycling centre, Port Ranald Drive, Troon KA10 6DJ. The recycling centre opens 10am-6pm (Tuesday to Friday) and 10am-4pm at weekends and public holidays.

The Marr College ‘Recycle and Reward’ machine is open to pupils, staff and visitors to the school only.


What is the ‘Recycle and Reward’ scheme?

It’s a great new scheme offering rewards to encourage more and more people to recycle their empty cans and plastic bottles – the more you recycle, the more you’ll get back!

Why is it only in Troon?

‘Recycle and Reward’ is a pilot scheme funded by Zero Waste Scotland and we took the decision to trial the scheme in the Troon area as there is capacity for the machine in our recycling centre and it’s also where we make the bags of compost available?

How were the rewards chosen?

For Troon recycling centre, we wanted the reward to be ‘green’ to keep it in line with the scheme and we thought a 70-litre bag of compost in return for empty bottles and cans was appropriate. Each item recycled is valued at 4p, so that’s why 50 are needed to qualify for a bag of compost, which is worth £2.

At Marr College, we worked with pupils and staff on the Eco-Committee to identify the rewards that would be more likely to encourage young people to recycle and the feedback was overwhelmingly in favour of leisure-type rewards. The pupils also fed back that younger and older pupils may prefer different rewards, which is why both swimming vouchers and cinema vouchers (subject to meeting the qualifying criteria) were selected.

How long will the pilot scheme last?

The scheme will be assessed on an ongoing basis, and fully evaluated after six months of operation.