Contract and supplier management

The Council is committed to undertaking Contract and Supplier Management on its procurement activities and to formalise the Council`s process of monitoring a Supplier`s performance against their contractual requirements.

Effective Contract and Supplier Management within the Council will result in contract procedure and process improvements, as well as increasing the procurement function knowledge and experience which can then be used to benefit future contracts.

View the Councils Contract and Supplier Management process and guidance document for further information.

South Ayrshire Councils Standard Key Performance Indicators

During the lifetime of a contract, the Council shall monitor and measure Supplier performance against South Ayrshire Council`s Standard Key Performance Indicators (KPI`s).

South Ayrshire Council`s Standard Key Performance Indicators will apply to all Council contracts and will be included within all published tender documentation to ensure Suppliers are aware of the process prior to submitting a bid.

Public Contract Scotland Tender

The Council will make use of Public Contract Scotland – Tender to carry out its contract and supplier management activities. It is important that all suppliers keep their online profile up to date. For further guidance on Public Contract Scotland Tender please view the help information or contact

Balanced scorecards & contract and supplier management meetings

The level of Contract and Supplier Management applied to each contract is dependent on the overall risk level of the contract. There are three levels of contract risk detailed below:

  • High risk contract
  • Balanced scorecard frequency - quarterly
  • Medium risk contract
  • Balanced scorecard frequency - bi-annual
  • Low risk
  • Balanced scorecard frequency - annual

Suppliers are required to achieve a minimum overall score of 75 – Meeting Expectations against South Ayrshire Councils Standard Key Performance Indicators. Where the Supplier fails to achieve this score they must attend a Contract and Supplier Management Meeting to discuss the contracts.

Contact the contract & supplier management team

Call: 01292 612 902