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Community benefit clauses in procurement

South Ayrshire Council encourages suppliers to be innovative in their Community Benefit returns. Here are some examples of items and services which have previously been received within South Ayrshire as part of Community Benefits clauses;

  • Weekly lunch clubs for elderly people
  • Volunteer driver scheme
  • Sensory garden
  • Befriending projects
  • Donation to local food banks/football teams
  • School visits/presentations
  • Assistance towards litter picking days

One supplier donated to a Primary School a small amount of money and outdoor toys. From the donations the school used the items then organised a fund raising raffle. The school used the funds raised to bring in a circus skills group for a day and hire a bouncy castle. The supplier also donated plastic sheeting which was used for slides for the school’s Fun Day.

Crudens prize winners

Here is a summary of what has been delivered Council-wide within South Ayrshire since November 2016.

  • 62 work experience placements
  • 78 apprenticeships
  • 113 new jobs
  • 346.5 training hours

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 embeds best practice and drives public bodies to consider Community Benefit Clauses in high value procurements.

Community Benefit Clauses can act as a valuable tool for organisations to deliver a wide range of social, economic and environmental outcomes from their procurement function. For example, through the use of a targeted training and recruitment community benefit clause, an organisation may be able to provide an essential property maintenance service for its tenants but at the same time help in tackling employability in the local area as well as contribute to the general regeneration of the areas.

The Council also received from Suppliers, Community Benefit donations to Participatory Budget days. A recent event was held in Troon on Saturday 25th June 2016.

The donations enabled the day to be run at a minimum cost so that all the Participatory Budget funding went to the community groups on the day.

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