Community groups seeking support

The table below shows current South Ayrshire based community groups that are seeking support. The below list can be a useful guide to contracted suppliers to help provide ideas of what projects South Ayrshire currently has in the pipeline therefore helping the contracted suppliers to determine what they can offer to achieve completion of their compulsory or voluntary Community Benefits, as stated in their contract.

The below table will be updated monthly and will also be sent out to all contracted suppliers bi-annually.

Community requests
Ayrshire Women's Hub is looking to provide a safe space for children, by offering a drop in crèche service for vulnerable children. The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme has offered to help with construction; however they still require materials and tradesmen to certify the work. Items requested include a stair lift, plasterboard, framing wood and building materials for internal walls, 2 xc children sized toilets, 2 x sinks and small wooden structures for playing.
South Ayrshire Community Transport (SACT) is a registered charity established to provide a transport service for isolated communities and for individuals who would otherwise struggle to access transport due to their age, mental or physical disability, illness or poverty. SACT is seeking funding support to provide transport to bring older residents of rural villages in North Carrick into a weekly lunch club. SACT provides a minibus and driver. The bus travels around the villages picking up the passengers then takes them to a community venue where they can enjoy a freshly cooked meal and good company.
Girvan FC run 2 walking football sessions a week for people aged 50 and over. They currently have 30 people attending. The fitness level of some of the over 50's has improved so much that they now play 'normal running' 5-a-sides on a Sunday evening. In order to encourage more activities such as relaxed walking football, relaxed rugby, handball and cycling the group require funding to help cover the cost of hiring facilities, coaches and to purchase equipment.
Barrhill Primary PTA is a group made up of parents/carers of the school children at Barrhill Primary School. The main aim of the group is to fundraise and organise events for the children. They would like to create a quiet area in the school grounds, beneath a wicker gazebo type structure where children can sit together or alone as they so wish. Funding would enable them to purchase the equipment they need to create this space that would include a communal seating area, a bug hotel, a sensory area and a patch of wild flowers.
Girvan Men's Shed is run to encourage men to access opportunities for increased citizenship and community development through the Scottish Men's Shed Association. New practical skills can be learned and the social side of the 'shedders' is of great benefit to some individuals, who normally have little contact with others. The local Football Club agreed to give the group full use of one of their redundant porta cabins to be used as a space where they can sit and chat or play chess, draughts, snooker, table football or assemble jigsaws in a convivial friendly atmosphere. The cabin has a leaking roof which they have tried to repair without success. The old flat roof needs replaced with a new pitched roof. The design and construction could be carried out by the Shedders themselves and they are seeking funding to cover the costs of the materials needed to do the work.
Craigie Community Council would like to purchase a defibrillator for use by the community. They have managed to raise £1,325 towards the cost of this at a local craft fair. They are looking for funding support of £200 towards the purchase of the defibrillator and a further £200 for fitting and electrical work.
Prestwick Afterschool Care (PAC) is a registered charity providing a childcare service before and after school for children in the Prestwick area. Around 100 local families use the service and the 7 members of staff provide the children with a welcoming, fun environment to play games, help with homework and breakfast for those who need it. PAC is in need of funding to cover their running costs and continue to offer this important service.
St Leonards Bridge Club is a group of elderly people who meet regularly to play Bridge at St Leonards Church. The group through their love of playing Bridge tackles social isolation and brings elderly members of the community together. They group are trying to raise funds to purchase a BridgeMate system which means that all scores will be recorded electronically. They have received £750 from Wee Grants for Wee Groups but are still £750 short to buy all the equipment needed.
Dundonald Community Sports, Recreation & Heritage Association have taken on a 25 year lease of the pitch in Dundonald with a view to getting funding to ensure that it gets proper drainage and levelled so that it can be used for sports and for the community of Dundonald. The group require funding towards the legal costs of taking on the lease from South Ayrshire Council. The Dundonald Community Sports, Recreation & Heritage Association are a new charity and don’t have a lot of funding reserves at this time.
Coylton Community Association provides activities for all age groups within the community. They support local businesses and groups to hold classes and provide an affordable cost for these. The association would like funding to help them to erect a perspex roof between 2 walls and create a door frame and door to provide much needed storage area.
The Rotary Club of Ayr is a voluntary organisation and registered charity. The volunteers work to continually improve The Ayrshire Coastal Path, which is now listed as a major Ayrshire tourist attraction. They have just completed their 14th year of the Annual Rotary Beach Clean, which keeps 19 miles of beaches clear of rubbish (from Girvan to Troon) and thereby greatly enhances the enjoyment and pleasure for walkers on the Ayrshire Coastal Path. The volunteers would like funding to improve the signage for the walkers and replace signs that have been lost, damaged, or become illegible to sun-fading.
Belleisle Conservatory Limited Group protects and manage the historic Belleisle Conservatory on behalf of the local community. The group led on the renovation of the conservatory and now, with the support of committed volunteers, it is open to the public 7 days a week for free, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the beauty of plants. The group would like to install portable toilets close to the conservatory to improve facilities for their visitors – many are elderly or very young. The group would like to request support from contractors who could supply the toilets or make a financial contribution to their cost.
Brushstrokes would like to continue providing people with Mental Health illness an art space to help with their mental health conditions. This project gives people a place to come to while waiting on lists to see professionals within the mental health services. The group has been running for over 5 years and helped over 2,000 people. This project helps to reduce isolation, helps people to structure their week , builds confidence , helps with social anxiety, and social inclusion, and reduce stigma. Funding would help towards the cost of hall fees.
North Ayr The Gither builds meaningful relationships with those living in North Ayr and provides activities for those living in the area. They do this by offering an After School Club for kids who attend Dalmilling Primary and ‘Wild Rhythm’ music for adults with learning disabilities. They also provide mentoring to some pupils at Dalmilling Primary and adults in the early stages of their recovery journeys. As well as this they organise various events throughout the year. The ‘Wild Rhythm’ music group has proved very successful. The group sees around 80 people (carers and those with learning disabilities) attend each week. Of those who attend there are around 10 who are in wheelchairs. Sadly, there are no disabled toilets on the premises. The Church does not have the financial resources to make the necessary amendments, and it is unlikely that this will change any time in the near future. Also, they would like to offer additional activities to those with additional support needs, so it is necessary that they get some support in order to achieve their goals and provide the best service to those in whom we serve.
Troon Business Group - VE 75 Day celebrations Ran by a few local businesses in Troon have got together to celebrate VE75 day over the VE Day weekend 8-10th May 2020, they are decorating their windows with displays and photos. They are also going to hold an afternoon champagne tea and sell tickets for the event. All money raised will be donated to local Armed Forces Charities The group require the printing of the 110 tickets that they will be selling.

Anyone looking to assist with any of the above projects please contact Marion Young, Community Planning Officer within South Ayrshire Council