Community groups seeking support

The table below shows current South Ayrshire based community groups that are seeking support. The below list can be a useful guide to contracted suppliers to help provide ideas of what projects South Ayrshire currently has in the pipeline therefore helping the contracted suppliers to determine what they can offer to achieve completion of their compulsory or voluntary Community Benefits, as stated in their contract.

The below table will be updated monthly and will also be sent out to all contracted suppliers bi-annually.

Community requests
Belleisle Conservatory Limited consists of directors, a committee, volunteers and general members totalling more than 300. The group would like to see the conservatory restored, creating a local heritage centre for display and education purposes for use by the local community, volunteer groups and visitors to the park. The group would like support with a Business Management and CRM System to help automate the administrative and day to day business functions that keep the company running smoothly.
Ayrshire Women's Hub are looking to provide a safe space for children, by offering a drop in creche service for vulnerable children. The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme has offered to help with construction, however they still require materials and tradesmen to certify the work. Items requested include a stair lift, plasterboard, framing wood and building materials for internal walls, 2 xc children sized toilets, 2 x sinks and small wooden structures for playing.
Mossblown & St Quivox Community Council aim to improve the facilities and services available to local people. The community has taken over the running of the local community centre and in recent years they have raised funds to upgrade the buildings with much of the work being done by locals. They would like funding or technical support to purchase and install security grills on the windows and security lighting outside the building. They also require funding or legal expertise to update the title deeds for the building.

Anyone looking to assist with any of the above projects please contact Marion Young, Community Planning Officer within South Ayrshire Council