Vacant and derelict land

What is the Vacant and Derelict Land Survey?

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The Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey (SVDLS) is a survey undertaken to establish the extent and state of vacant and derelict land in Scotland. The survey has been operating since 1988 and is managed by the Scottish Government Communities Analysis Division. Most Councils submit data annually with the Survey base date of 31st March. The data collected provides an invaluable source of information relating to vacant and derelict sites and assists in reinforcing and justifying national policy established to bring about the re-use and regeneration of these land resources.

What sites should be included?

  • Vacant land
  • Vacant land and buildings
  • Derelict sites

South Ayrshire Council’s 2017 return to the Scottish Government’s Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey (NB. 2018 survey not published as at 10 February 2019) contains a total of 63 derelict or (urban) vacant sites, amounting to a total area of 109ha. This represents approximately 1% of the 2016 national total area of 11,649ha (Scottish Government, 2017).

The 2017 results represent a net increase of vacant and derelict land by area of 19.7% between 2009 and 2017. It is noted that as a proportion of total area, there is a fair degree of turnover in vacant and derelict land recorded; with a cumulative 49.77ha of sites removed from annual surveys between 2009 and 2017. However it does not automatically follow that sites removed have necessarily wholly returned to a permanent / productive use.

A considerable majority of South Ayrshire’s vacant and derelict land is situated within fairly concentrated localities at north Ayr and Prestwick Airport. It is noted that the Survey’s definitional threshold excludes sites <0.1ha in size. Hence any derelict or vacant land anecdotally known to exist which falls below this threshold, despite potential prominence in the context of urban centres, will not be recorded in the Survey.

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