Tree Preservation Orders

South Ayrshire Council is responsible for protecting the areas buildings and landscapes and a Tree Preservation Order is one way we do this. A Tree Preservation Order imposes conditions for the preservation of trees, groups of trees or woodlands in South Ayrshire, by prohibiting the cutting down, topping, lopping or the wilful destruction of trees, etc. except without the Council's consent.

The following are Tree Preservation Orders in force in South Ayrshire:

TPO No.LocationNameMap
1, 2017 Troon Braemore Wood View map
1,2013 Ayr Slaphouse Burn, Maybole Road View map
2,2007 Maybole Redbrae, Alloway Road View map
1,2007 Ayr Castlehill Road/Inverkar Road View map
3,2004 Alloway Doonbank Cottage, Alloway View map
2,2004 Troon 11 Southwood Road View map
1,2004 Monkton 48 Kilmarnock Road/Whiteside Drive View map
5,2003 Ayr 49-61 Maybole Road View map
4,2003 Ayr 1A Hunters Avenue View map
3,2003 Straiton Main Street View map
2,2003 Turnberry Northcote View map
1,2003 Dailly Colliers Oak View map
3,2002 Prestwick 38 Monkton Road View map
2,2002 Symington Symington Road South View map
8,2001 Prestwick Monkton Road View map
7,2001 Prestwick Carlton Hotel, Ayr Road View map
6,2001 Monkton Old Manse, Tarbolton Road View map
5,2001 Tarbolton Kirkport View map
4,2001 Ayr 36 Maybole Road View map
3,2001 Prestwick Main Street View map
1,2001 Prestwick Monkton Road View map
1,2000 Prestwick Powmill View map
3,1998 Symington Coodham Estate View map
1,1998 Ayr 6 Racecourse View View map
1,1997 Ayr Seafield House View map
51,1996 Annbank Backlochans View map
50,1994 Coylton Hole Road View map
49,1994 Prestwick Powmill Road, Pow Burn View map
47,1994 Symington Craigowan, Brewlands Road View map
46,1994 Kirkmichael Kirkmichael House View map
44,1994 Ayr Longbank Road View map
43,1993 Ayr Alloway and Greenfield Avenue View map
42,1993 Ayr Greenan View map
41,1992 Ayr Stonefield Park View map
40,1992 Ayr Elmbank Street/Tam's Brig View map
39,1992 Dundonald Kilnford Drive View map
37,1991 Troon Craigend Road (Warrix and Landale) View map
32,1988 Ayr Dalblair Road View map
31,1988 Girvan Ardmillan Estate View map
30,1988 Ayr Castlehill Estate View map
28,1985 Troon Darley Woods View map
25,1984 Troon Southwoods View map
24,1984 Ayr Ayr Riding School, Hillfoot Road View map
23,1983 Mossblown Drumley House School View map
22,1984 Ayr The Mote, Dumfries Park View map
15,1981 Prestwick Bellevue Road View map
11,1980 Ayr Longhill Avenue View map
12,1980 Troon Treetops and Dunchattan View map
7,1977 Turnberry Big Wood View map
6,1977 Troon Piersland View map
2,1974 Ayr Guiltreehill View map
1,1972 Ayr Racecourse Road View map
2,1961 Tarbolton Coilsfield Cemetery View map

Total no. 53 (March 2017)