Site reports

Site Reports have been produced for each of the sites submitted to the Local Development Plan process. Each report makes recommendations against any environmental constraints highlighted in the Land Assessment Framework (see Strategic Environmental Assessment page), and makes an assessment of the site against the Spatial Strategy of the Local Development Plan.

A final recommendation is then made on whether the site should be allocated in the Local Development Plan.

Housing allocations

Sites listed under 'Housing Allocations' can be viewed in the proposed Local Development Plan, under the relevant settlement map. The references for these sites begin with the first letters of the settlement in which that site is located. For example a site with a prefix of COY is located in Coylton.

Rejected sites

Sites under the 'Rejected Sites' title are referenced by the reference given at call for sites stage. Call for sites and Consultation on Site Selection contains an interactive map and a database of such sites, which should allow users to identify any site.

Non-residential proposals