Review of Local Development Plan (LDP2)

The Council has embarked on work to prepare its replacement Local Development Plan with the approval of the commencement of its second Local Development Plan (LDP2).

Local Development Plans provided the vision for how communities will grow and develop in the future. The intention is that they provide certainty for communities and investors alike about where development should take place and where it should not and the supporting infrastructure required for growth. It allocates sites, either for new development, such as housing, or sites to be protected. It also includes policies that guide decisions on all planning applications. For more information on local development planning visit

On 27 June, South Ayrshire Council approved the Proposed Replacement South Ayrshire Local Development Plan (PLDP2) for publication and public consultation, here. PLDP2 is a concise, spatial, land use planning document, required by law, which sets out the Council’s settled view of how it envisages South Ayrshire will be developed over the ten year period from its adoption, a revised planning policy framework and a broad indication of the scale and location of growth in the area over a further ten years. When adopted, PLDP2 will supersede the adopted South Ayrshire Local Development Plan (2014) and Town Centre and Retail Local Development Plan (2017), becoming the planning policy framework against which all development proposals will be assessed. Before adopting PLDP2, the Council must provide an opportunity for the public to comment on it.

Consultation on the Proposed local Development Plan has now ended.

View the Proposed Local Development Plan 2

What happens next?

The next stage of the process to replace the existing Local Development Plan is for the Council to consider the representations and comments submitted on the Proposed Plan during the consultation period, and decide if it should make amendments and alterations to the document before it is submitted to the Scottish Ministers for examination. If the Council decides to make amendments and alterations to the Proposed Plan, it must re-publish the ‘Proposed Local Development Plan as Modified’. A further period of public consultation would then take place in the spring of 2020.

The process for preparation n adoption of the Local Development Plan is detailed in the Development Plan Scheme. This will be amended in due course to reflect recent changes in anticipated timescales.

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