Review of Local Development Plan (LDP2)

The Council has embarked on work to prepare its replacement Local Development Plan with the approval of the commencement of its second Local Development Plan (LDP2). LDP2 will progress in accordance with the arrangements outlined in the approved LDP2 Development Plan Scheme.

Local Development Plans provided the vision for how communities will grow and develop in the future. The intention is that they provide certainty for communities and investors alike about where development should take place and where it should not and the supporting infrastructure required for growth. It allocates sites, either for new development, such as housing, or sites to be protected. It also includes policies that guide decisions on all planning applications. For more information on local development planning visit

Main Issues Report - Consultation Closed

At the 5th October Meeting of South Ayrshire Council, the Main Issues Report for LDP2 was approved for consultation. The Report to Council and associated documents can be viewed here

Formal public consultation on both the Main Issues Report (MIR) and its accompanying Environmental Report closed on Wednesday 31st January 2018.

The MIR and associated documents are consultation documents, intended to stimulate discussion on land use planning matters, policies which the Council thinks may benefit from change (the main issues), and the Council’s ideas as to where future development might take place in South Ayrshire.

Please refer to the hyperlinks below which provide access to the:

These documents are also available to view in Burns House, Burns Statue Square, Ayr, KA7 1UT, Mon-Thur, and 08.45 and 16:00 on Fri.

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