Review of Local Development Plan (LDP2)

Main Issues Report

This Main Issues Report is the first major document and a key milestone in the preparation of South Ayrshire Council’s Second Local Development Plan (which we refer to as LDP2). In reviewing the first local Development plan we want to focus on issues where a fresh approach might be needed, and on new issues that present particular challenges and opportunities that we should be prepared for.

The Main Issues Report is a document that we hope will stimulate meaningful engagement and discussion about the sort of South Ayrshire that we want to be living in – the opportunities to make it better for existing and future residents in terms of its economy, its environment and as a place to live. We have set out some ideas about how this could be achieved.

Chapter Description View Chapter
Introduction What is a local development plan (LDP) and a Main Issues report (MIR). Why a new LDP (LDP2) is being prepared. What the Main Issues are. View
Vision Statement and Spatial Strategy Options for overall vision of LDP and the strategy for future development View
Issue 1: Economic Development Options for managing future economic growth View
Issue 2 : The Spaceport Options for addressing possible Prestwick Airport Spaceport development. View
Issue 3 : The Ayrshire Growth Deal Options for reflecting and prioritising Ayrshire Growth Deal projects in LDP View
Issue 4 : Employment Land and Rural Enterprise Options for supporting industrial and business areas View
Issue 5a: A Strategy for Housing Development Options for future approach to housing development: (a) release or don’t release attractive (to house building industry) sites to bolster market confidence; View
Issue 5b: Housing Strategy – how cab housing help make South Ayrshire better? (b) possible release sites to assist place making and use of some open space for affordable housing. Sites submitted for housing via ‘Call for Sites’ that might merit further consideration. Including: Suggested housing sites, Identifying new sites, Call for sites, Alternative site suggestion. View
Issue 6 : Rural Housing Options for approach to assessing housing in rural areas View
Issue 7 : The Central Scotland Green Network Options for dealing with the Central Scotland Green Network in South Ayrshire View
Issue 8 : Local Landscape Areas Review and rename Scenic Areas to ensure they comply with Scottish Natural Heritage guidance on Local Landscape Areas View
Additional Issues Future of Town Centres
Affordable Housing
Condition of buildings, public spaces and community facilities
Roads and cycleways
Tourism and leisure economy
Improved digital connectivity
Wind farms

Main Issues Report (all chapters)

PLEASE NOTE: Any drawings, documents, masterplans or studies submitted to the Council as part of the Main Issues Report Consultation represent the views of the person, organisation or company submitting them and do NOT represent the Council’s position on future development. The Council’s response to those submissions is included in the Initial Response document.