Draft Housing Land Audit 2020 – Consultation

In accordance with Government policy and Guidance, South Ayrshire Council is seeking the views of housing and infrastructure providers on the Draft Housing Land Audit 2020-2025 (Draft HLA), which covers the South Ayrshire Housing Market Area.

The Audit fulfils the requirement of Scottish Planning Policy 2014 (SPP) to actively manage the housing land supply, by preparing an annual housing land audit as a tool to review and monitor the availability of effective housing land. The Audit provides a comprehensive description of all the current housing sites in South Ayrshire of a capacity of 4 or more housing units, within the Established Housing Land Supply. It demonstrates the availability of a 5-year effective housing land supply to meet the identified housing land requirement.

In accordance with paragraph 51 of PAN 2/2010 the supply is made up of:

  • Land with planning permission for residential development, including the remaining capacity of sites under construction at April 2019;
  • Land allocated for residential development in adopted developments plans (LDP); and
  • Other land with agreed residential potential.

The Audit includes completion statistics for 2019-20, gathered by a curtain count survey undertaken by the Planning and Building Standards Service in Spring 2020, as well as historical completion statistics. It also captures any windfall sites, which have received planning permission since the previous audit. For each site, where available, it includes information on site address, site capacity, developer, tenure type, housing type, planning status and forecasted programmed output over the ten years’ period from the Audit date.

To simplify the consultation process and avoid time-consuming meetings, which can prove challenging to arrange, the Council is, once again, conducting the Audit consultation on-line. The Draft HLA is available for consultation on this web page for a period of 4 weeks, commencing on 10 May 2020 and closing at 16:00 on 7 June 2020. Consultees are invited to state whether they dispute any of the sites contained in the Audit and, if so, their reasons for so doing, by completing the standard spreadsheet below and submitting it by e-mail to localdevelopmentplans@south-ayrshire.gov.uk. Each disputed site should be entered in a separate row of the spreadsheet, and the reason for disputing the site should be selected from the drop down menu in the relevant columns.

At the end of the consultation period, the Council will take into consideration any comments received, before producing and publishing, on a publically available page of the Council’s web site to which respondents will be given a link, a finalised version of the HLA. Where disagreement exists in respect of a particular site, it will be recorded on the finalised Audit as a disputed site and a simple explanation given of the reasons for the dispute.