Conservation Areas

A conservation area is defined by the Scottish Government as “an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.” Planning authorities are required to determine which parts of an area should be safeguarded due to their architectural or historic interest to ensure that any new development preserves or enhances their character. In a conservation area, it is the whole area, made up of the buildings and the spaces in between them, that is of architectural or historic interest. The purpose of a conservation area is to ensure that any new development / alterations will not negatively impact on the existing character of the area. Conservation area status does not mean that new development will be unacceptable, only that care must be taken to ensure that new development will preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the area.

There are 23 conservation areas in South Ayrshire (see map)

Alloway (1969) | Ayr I (Central) (1969)| Ayr II (1969) | Ballantrae I (1976) | Ballantrae II (1976) | Barr (1976) | Burns Monument (1976) | Colmonell (1974) | Crosshill (1974) | Dundonald (1974) | Dunure (1974) | Girvan (1988) | Kirkmichael (1974)| Kirkoswald (1974) | Maybole (1976) | Monkton (1976) | Prestwick (2017) | Southwood (2004)| St. Quivox (1980)| Straiton (1974) | Symington (1974) | Tarbolton (2017) | Troon (2004) |

Conservation Area Character Appraisals

A character appraisal identifies and defines the important architectural or historic features within the Conservation Area that give it its unique character and appearance. Character appraisals are being prepared for all South Ayrshire’s conservation areas, with the following having been completed to date:

Conservation Area Management Plan

A Conservation Area Management Plan is a management tool which helps to identify the special interest and changing needs of an area. It is intended to be used by applicants, agents and the planning service to manage change in a conservation area in a positive way.

Article 4 Directions and Regulation 11 Orders

In a conservation area, planning control is directed at maintaining the integrity of the entire area and enhancing its special character. Article 4 Directions remove permitted development rights for specific classes of development that can cumulatively lead to the erosion of the character and appearance of conservation areas, but would not otherwise require planning permission. Regulation 11 Orders have a similar effect, but relate solely to advertisements.

This Article 4 Direction applies to the following Conservation Areas – Alloway, Ballantrae I, Ballantrae II, Barr, Burns Monument, Colmonell, Crosshill, Dundonald, Dunure, Kirkmichael, Kirkoswald, Maybole, Monkton, Straiton and Symington.

Prestwick and Tarbolton Conservation Areas and the Low Green Extension to Ayr I (Central) Conservation Area are not presently covered by Article 4 Directions.

Note: The classes of development specified in the above Article 4 Directions relate to an historic General Permitted Development Order. However, these classes of development still apply to the current General Permitted Development Order.