River Stinchar

The River Stinchar, whose source is in the Carrick Forrest from the waters of Loch Linfern travels to the coast via the conservation village of Barr. There are a number of footpaths that start in this village for those who enjoy a walk in the countryside.

As the river moves south it passes a number of other small villages until it reaches Ballantrae on the coast.

Ardstinchar Castle situated just outside the Ballantrae dates back to 1421 and the old three arch bridge which was built of stone from the castle, from here there are superb views out toward the estuary. This bridge continued to be used until the new bridge was built in 1964.

If fishing in the river Stinchar you are most likely to catch salmon and sea trout.


Information on fishing on the River Stinchar can be found on their website. www.stincharfishing.co.uk

Location Map