The Water of Girvan

From the Keirs Hills the river is sourced from Loch Spallander Reservoir and travels north west to the village of Kirkmichael, and a further mile west the river is joined by the river from Loch Brandon reservoir in the Carrick Forrest which adds to the depth and splendour of the river. At Old Dailly a further river from Penwhapple Reservoir in Hardyard Hill pours into The Water of Girvan and the river.

Most of the arable land lies in a flat alluvial plain between the sea and the steep ground rising from a mile inland. Girvan Mains, just north of the town, and Shallochpark Farm, at Glendoune on the slopes just above the town, are among the finest farms in the county.


Carrick Angling Club offers river and still water fishing on the River Girvan to everyone, irrespective of age and ability.

Location Map