Stair park

Stair Park is Girvan's shorefront park and remnants of the sand dunes from which it was created can still be seen in its undulating form.

The park offers a wide expanse of open grassland next to the shorefront, and is suitable for picnics, sitting and playing kick-about with the children. For the energetic, a walk along the promenade to Girvan Harbour is a rewarding experience.


In 1875 the Countess of Stair gifted this park to the burgh. The undulating landscape of the park provides an insight that this area was once part of the shorefront sand dunes.

The park has one main focal point, the War Memorial, which commemorates the lives of those who died, not just in the First World War, but also the Second.

At the southern end of the park is what is the remnants of the Victorian Bandstand, the last remaining bandstand of this era in South Ayrshire