Fullarton estate

Fullarton Estate is one of Troon's hidden gems. It offers something for everyone. Play areas, pony tracks, woodland walks, seating and picnic areas are hidden away in this Estate.

The estate has a long and interesting past with links to King James 1st, Louis Napoleon and the poet Robert Burns.


The estate at Fullarton appears to have been granted to the Fullarton family by Charter from James, the High Steward of Scotland, sometime between 1283 and 1309. It seems that the Fullartons were originally the King's fowlers from whom they derived there name - Fowlertoun - and which they gave to the land they possessed.

Their original castle was near the mouth of the River Irvine and it was not till 1745 that Fullarton House, designed in the "Adam" style, and was erected by William Fullarton. In 1772, his son Colonel William Fullarton added the stable block, which was designed by Robert Adam, together with servants, quarters.

Originally, Fullarton House faced east, and there were four pillars at the rear of the polices, two of which were gate posts, and two others may possibly have held stone hawks which were a sign of the fowlers' profession.

Louis Napoleon is said to have stayed at Fullarton House, and Robert Burns, who was an admirer of Colonel Fullarton, possibly visited as a guest.

Fullarton House and its polices were purchased by Troon Town Council in 1928 and the house was let out in flats. Unfortunately the house fell into a poor state of repair and was demolished in 1966.


As with our Estates in Ayr there is a great range of bird life within Fullarton Estate; Owls, Woodpeckers, Tree Creepers, Warblers etc.

Mammals are limited to small ones such as stoats and weasles, though you may see the odd fox.


Fullarton has a typical Estate woodland with the main woodland being to the periphery of the Estate, providing shelter. The main tree species to be found within this area are of Beech, Oak, Horse Chestnut and the conifer Sitka Spruce.

As you get closer to the location of the original house once stood you find that the tree species becomes more exotic, such as Cut Leaved Beech, Southern Beech and the Amalanchier Grove, which you can find on the top lawn.