Craigie estate

Craigie Estate situated on the banks of the river Ayr, provides a range of attractions for its visitors.

Enjoy a relaxing walk through this majestic woodland Estate, and along the River Ayr walkway. From there you can make your way to the more formal garden areas.


Craigie house is thought to be the work of architect John Smith. The building follows the classical line, with the central block dating to around 1730. This building was built as a replacement home by Sir Thomas Wallace of Newton Castle and was named Craigie House after Wallace's ancestral seat of Craigie Castle.

In 1782/3 the estate was purchased by William Campbell whose family retained ownership until 1940 at which time Ayr Town Council purchased the estate for the sum of £12,500.

The house has not only been a family home but was requisitioned during the Second World War by the Army, it later became a luxury restaurant, part of the Craigie teaching college, and is now used as a business centre.


Within Craigie there are a great number of grey squirrels that always provide entertainment. As with all our estates you will see a good range of birdlife from the birds of prey such as owls, kestrels and sparrow hawks to the birds of the woodland such as thrush, tree creepers woodpeckers and more. Down by the river Ayr you can find swans, mallard ducks and herons. If you are lucky you will spot a fox or an otter.