Cambusdoon estate

This small quiet estate situated on the banks of the river Doon, is very often missed by visitors to the area but is well loved by the local community.

Cambusdoon is an informal woodland park, with a great number of mature trees, which provide a rich backdrop to the estate, as well as providing seclusion and privacy.

The walk along the river Doon is always popular and, depending on the time of day a range of bird and animal life can be seen - otters, salmon, water voles, herons and more!


For such a small estate Cambusdoon has a good variety of fauna. Due to the proximity of the River Doon you are able to see otters, salmon, trout, and in the air, kingfishers and herons. More commonly found are owls, sparrow hawks and songbirds of woodlands.


Cambusdoon is known for its tranquil woodland walk along the banks of the River Doon, and any visitor to the area cannot fail to be impressed with the two Giant Redwoods that can be found here amongst the range of Horse Chestnut, Lime, Hawthorn and Willow.

Further up toward the site of the old house you will find good examples of Weeping Ash and be able to look over the surrounding specimen trees.