Outdoor access public notices

Bridge Closure: Roan Burn, Barony Hill Trail, Dailly

In the interests of public safety, the bridge carrying the Barony Hill Trail over the Water of Girvan, at its confluence with the Roan Burn, near Linfern Road, Dailly, has been closed until further notice. Access takers should not attempt to use the Bridge, which is potentially dangerous in its current condition.

Brunston Golf Course Path, Dailly - Temporary Closure

DGA Forestry LLP, a representative of Bargany Estate, will commence forestry harvesting works in this area, on 16th September 2019. Operations will conclude at the end of November 2019.

The intended haulage of timber will access Dailly from the west via West End Road, turning right on to Bridge Street, leaving the village via B7035 to Girvan.

In order to minimize disruption to the local residents, the following restrictions will be applied:

  • Haulage will be excluded between 08:45 - 09:15 and 14:50 – 15:20 to avoid school times.
  • Haulage will be permitted only between the hours of 06:00 – 18:00 to try to reduce disruption to local residents.

During the operation, the path across Brunston Golf Course will be closed to the public temporarily, for safety reasons, due to moving forestry machinery and log stacks. Signage will be installed with no-go areas clearly marked for members of the public. Forestry operations are dangerous so please ensure you follow safety signage to ensure the safety of access takers, residents and forestry operators.

Attached is a map which outlines the area of operations and haulage routes through Dailly.

Footbridge Closure - Waukmill, near Woodend, Dailly

Due to the damage caused by heavy rainfall and spate conditions in the River, the bridge over the Water of Girvan at Waukmill, near Woodend, 2km north-east of Dailly, is in a dangerous condition and unavailable for public use, for the foreseeable future. For their own safety, members of the public should not attempt to cross the bridge.

King Coil’s Bridge Closed – Parkmill Road, Tarbolton

For the foreseeable future, Core Path SA23, between Parkmill Road and Core Path SA24 at Coilsfield Mains Farm, is not usable as a through route, because the private bridge, known as King Coil’s Bridge or the Loundsdale Bridge, 40 metres to the south-east of the C115 Parkmill Road, which carries the route over the Water of Fail, is in a dangerous condition. For their own safety, members of the public should not attempt to cross the bridge. An alternative route from Parkmill Road to Coilsfield Mains exists along SA24, to the west.