South Ayrshire Local Access Forum - Communication Plan

The SNH / Paths for All Partnership "Guide to Good Practice" for Local Access Forums advises that as an early priority, each Local Access Forum will need to determine its "Communication Plan", to support and encourage wider participation.

The plan should consider the content and methods of communication; a key principle is the use of multi-channel communication, as no single method of communication will be sufficient to satisfy information requirements.

To set out a framework, which will enable the Forum and Working Groups within the Forum to communicate and work effectively with each other and the wider public.


Provision of information internally
The Forum will ensure the timely flow of information relating to all meetings.

Provision of information externally
The Forum will need to ensure that all interested parties are kept informed about the work of the forum on a regular basis.

Participation and involvement
The public may wish to influence and comment on the work of the Forum and have their views taken into account in discussions.

The Plan

The appended tabulation forms the basis of the communication plan and sets out the following:

  • Each Component Part
  • Type of Information Flow
  • Key Actions
  • Responsibility
  • Outputs
Component Type of information flow Key actions Responsibility Outputs
South Ayrshire Local Access Forum Internal
The dissemination of all information relating to the business of the Forum between Forum members, representatives of South Ayrshire Council, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Paths for all Partnership.

Dissemination of all relevant information between Forum members and interested parties.
  • Contact details of Forum members to be made available to other Forum members, the Council, SNH and Paths for All Partnership.
  • A closing date of three weeks prior to a meeting is set for the inclusion of items on the agenda before a meeting.
  • Agenda agreed with the Chair and Access Officer two weeks prior to the meeting of the Forum.
  • Minutes, Agenda and reports produced are disseminated to members of the Forum two weeks in advance of any meetings.
  • A short biographical summary of each member will be made available on the SAC web site.
  • Minutes, Agenda and reports produced will be available to the wider public through the following sources: the SAC web site; and the Access Officer
South Ayrshire Council

Forum / South Ayrshire Council

Forum / South Ayrshire Council

South Ayrshire Council

South Ayrshire Council

South Ayrshire Council
To allow members to contact each other.

Members are able to forward issues for inclusion and discussion.

The Council endorses the activities and Duties of the Forum.

Members are given time to consider and prepare for the meeting.

All those interested are aware of who is responsible for representing the various interest groups.

To allow for the opportunity to forward comments and become involved
Working Groups Internal
Between members of the working group to enable an exchange of views / decision making on issues concerned
  • Contact details of a representative of each working group will available through the Access Officer
  • Minutes, agendas and reports will be produced and disseminated 2 weeks in advance of any meetings
  • Where appropriate a member of a working group may be asked to report to a meeting of the Forum
South Ayrshire Council

Working Group

Working Group
Members are able to contact the working groups.

Members of the Group are given an opportunity to prepare for the meeting.

To keep the Forum up to date on progress.
Wider Public External
Dissemination of all relevant information to the public and interested parties to increase awareness of the Forum
  • Provide public information annually
  • Produce a sub-component of SAC web site
  • Develop procedures relating to the wider public making contact with the Forum and its members
Forum / South Ayrshire Council

Forum / South Ayrshire Council

Forum / South Ayrshire Council
To inform the wider population on progress and an opportunity to discuss on key issues

To provide general information including current issues, news items and procedures for communicating views

To allow a co-ordinated approach to managing enquires from the public