Outdoor access

Access to South Ayrshire's outdoors extends to parks, the coast, hills, forests, farmland and inland water. They provide great opportunities for open-air recreation, help improve people's health and contribute to the local economy.

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The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 imposes a duty on the Council to “assert, protect, keep open and free from obstruction any route by which access rights may reasonably be exercised” on land where access rights are exercisable.

In addition, the work of the Council also includes, identifying, developing and implementing outdoor access routes, assisting local path groups with their projects and supporting the work of the Local Access Forum.

Rights of Way

A public right of way is a right of passage between two public places, in favour of the general public. A right of way can be in favour of pedestrians, cyclists, horse-riders or motorised vehicles; the greater use includes the lesser. The Council has a duty to assert, protect, keep open and free from obstruction any public Rights of Way within its jurisdiction.

The contact officer, for enquiries relating to outdoor access and rights of way, is Rachel Shipley, Outdoor Access Officer. Tel. 01292 616 426, rachel.shipley@south-ayrshire.gov.uk