Virtual Remembrance

 06 November 2020  |  

Many commemorative events will be held online this year as a result of current COVID-19 restrictions. This will enable us to come together virtually, whilst we continue to protect each other and the NHS.

We've collaborated with Tamfest and Bat an Eye Productions to produce a Virtual Remembrance video, to remember some of our local heroes and ensure their bravery is never forgotten.

You can watch the video here.

Leader of the Council Peter Henderson said: "We cannot simply ignore the need to remember at this time. The towns and people in South Ayrshire were deeply involved and affected by conflict over the previous century, and we must remember. The team have got together to tell many of the stories, but by no means all, of the people involved in South Ayrshire. From Tarbolton to Colmonell, the Virtual Remembrance Event will illustrate why it is so important to commemorate and remember.

"We have had valuable input from the Rev David Gemmell, Ken Nairn, the Girvan and District Great War Project, and Kyle Academy history teacher Sarah Ramage. Ken looked at the Trench Miners that left Ayrshire in 1915 to carry out this essential work at the front, while Sarah tells stories of the women in the county and how important they were to the war effort.

"I sincerely hope that we are able to run normal events next year however, this will go out on the South Ayrshire website and social media pages such as Remembering Auld Ayr. In 2020, South Ayrshire will remember."