Supporting our rural communities

 01 March 2019  |  

South Ayrshire Council has set up a Rural Forum to ensure that all residents have a voice and receive support no matter where they live.

Living in a rural location has lots of benefits but being removed from the main population centres can present a different set of challenges for those communities.

The forum will be a platform for those living in our villages and more rural locations to discuss issues which are important to them with Councillors and other decision makers.

The first ever South Ayrshire Rural Forum will take place on Monday 11 March at Crosshill Community Centre from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Those attending the forum will hear how the Council and partners are addressing important rural issues such as transportation, housing and digital connectivity. Members of the public will be encouraged to express their opinions and any feedback will be captured.

Councillor Alec Clark Chair of the Forum said: "The new South Ayrshire Council Rural Forum will be at the forefront of engaging with rural communities on behalf of South Ayrshire Council. We intend to take forward issues and concerns affecting our rural towns and villages.

"To this end we will take the forum which will be a panel featuring all of our rural Councillors to various rural locations throughout South Ayrshire with the first meeting in Crosshill Village on Monday 11 March at 7:00pm. We would welcome representation from all of our rural communities to these meetings to allow for conversation and information on rural affairs.

"Your community input will be vital to inform and shape the way the Council will try to set the strategy for our rural communities and given that importance, the Chair, Vice Chair and panel members look forward to meeting with you."