South Ayrshire's young people asked to take a stand and make a difference

 11 October 2016  |  

Young people across South Ayrshire are being asked to make a difference to their local community by standing as a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament. Nominations close at the end of the month, with three people set to be elected to represent the local area.

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland's young people. Up to 200 MSYPs aged between 14 and 25 are elected representing different areas and voluntary organisations from across the whole of Scotland. Three candidates will represent South Ayrshire after the elections take place in March 2017.

Councillor John Hampton, Youth Champion for South Ayrshire Council said the elections provided a worthwhile opportunity for all those who chose to get involved, "The Scottish Youth Parliament was set up to promote democracy to as wide an audience as possible.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to champion the rights of young people in a forum which is independent of political parties and which works with a wide range of groups to deliver policies that are relevant to young people across Scotland.

"Becoming and MSYP will provide an invaluable experience that will help to provide a whole new set of skills for all those who choose to get involved."

Codie Hodge said being elected as an MSYP had been a rewarding experience, "The SYP may just be the best thing to happen to me and I know for certain the experience has changed me for the better. There's no better feeling than being an elected representative, which means others have put their trust in you."

Anyone interested in becoming an MSYP has to register their interest by Monday 31 October. This is a chance for young people to make their voices heard at a national level. SYP have a dedicated site set up for young people that want to express their interest. More information is available here.