South Ayrshire Council Proud to Celebrate 72 Years of the NHS and Social Care Services

 01 July 2020  |  

South Ayrshire Council Proud to Celebrate 72 Years of the NHS and Social Care Services

South Ayrshire Council Proud to Celebrate 72 Years of the NHS and Social Care Services

This Sunday 5 July marks the 72nd anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS).

A national clap will take place at 5 p.m. on Sunday to mark the anniversary and we would encourage people to join us in recognising and celebrating the vital work of all those who work or volunteer in health and social care.

Councillor Julie Dettbarn, Chair of South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board (IJB) said:

"We are extremely lucky in this country to have a National Health Service and the last few months have shown us just how much we rely on the world class care they provide. This anniversary gives us the opportunity once again to say thank you to the NHS workers who have helped us stay safe through the Covid crisis.

"In marking the anniversary, we must not forget the thousands who sadly died of Covid-19 and people can join a national remembrance on Saturday 4 July by putting a light in their window or on their doorstep in memory of those who passed away.

 "Of course, this year also marks the 72nd anniversary of social care services. As Chair of the South Ayrshire IJB, I am pleased that one positive outcome of the Covid pandemic is the light it has shone on the vital work that health and social care staff undertake each and every day.

"South Ayrshire health and social care teams have worked selflessly and tirelessly to help residents, many of whom are extremely vulnerable, through the Covid crisis.  They have been truly outstanding and we could not have got through this pandemic without them."

Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield, non-executive member of Ayrshire & Arran NHS Board said:

"2020 has arguably been the most difficult year the NHS has experienced since its creation 72 years ago, with Covid -19 presenting the greatest global health challenge for generations.

"NHS staff have responded to the unprecedented pressures caused by Covid with outstanding resilience, commitment and compassion. Their dedication has been both humbling and awe-inspiring.

"People really value our NHS and this pandemic has only reinforced their gratitude and appreciation, with millions taking part in the weekly 'Clap for Our Carers' initiative during the first few months of the lockdown period. It has been inspirational to see local communities come together to support NHS, health and social care staff and I'm sure they'll come together this weekend to show their gratitude once again."