Recycling - we all need to work together

 21 February 2019  |  

The Council is committed to recycling as much as possible, unfortunately not everyone realises that we all have a responsibility to recycle.

We know for a fact that the waste in the communal bins on the Sandgate in Ayr had not been carefully separated as reported in a local newspaper, these bins had already been checked and were found to be contaminated with all different types of waste which means the materials could not be recycled.

Contamination issues are more difficult to deal with in communal bin areas due to the number of households. Recently within Ayr Town our crews have reported contaminated recycling bins in Academy Street and High Street that have had to be treated as general waste.

To help solve the problem, our communal euro bins have restrictor plates to minimise contamination and this has been successful in most areas.

Regrettably our crews still come across contaminated recycling bins and there will be occasions where we have to deal with these as general waste to avoid the whole recycling load being rejected and potentially sent to landfill.

We are currently labelling contaminated household bins and asking the residents to remove any inappropriate waste prior to booking an additional uplift. There have been some occasions where household bins have been so bad that we have had to treat them as general waste and send the contents to landfill.

There are tight regulations in place to ensure we recycle as much was as possible, it's not within the interests of the Council or residents to send recycled waste to landfill due to contamination.

We are appealing to everyone to use bins correctly and would like to thank the majority of householders that separate their recycling responsibly.