Ragballs to riches - Ayr Academy helps children in Mexico

 23 May 2016  |  

Ragball project sees South Ayrshire school help children in Mexico

Ragball project sees South Ayrshire school help children in Mexico

Second year pupils from Ayr Academy are learning the importance of play in child development by helping young people thousands of miles away in Mexico.

The S2 pupils took part in the 'Power of Play' initiative which is supported by global charity 'One World Futbol'. The project provides indestructible balls to children in third world countries, ensuring they have a chance to have fun but also learn the social benefits of play. 

The balls, also known as ragballs are made of paper, recycled polythene bags and string and unlike traditional balls they don't puncture and can last for years. Once they were part of the initiative, the South Ayrshire pupils started raising funds to buy some of these everlasting balls for children in Mexico.

Not only did the Ayr Academy pupils manage to raise enough money for three indestructible balls, they also had a go at making some of their own ragballs. There were prizes for the best balls which were picked up by Kian McGhee, Coby Pinder, Aaran Johnson, Jack McMahon, Kayla McCamley and Kayleigh Kidd.

The pupils are continuing their humanitarian mission and through 'One World Futbol' are finding out just what a difference their ragballs are making to children in South America. 

Kate McDonald Head Teacher at Ayr Academy said "Helping people less fortunate is an admirable lesson and I am so glad our pupils have taken this project to heart. The project promotes good citizenship, but also enforces the benefits of social interaction. Our cluster primary schools are now starting on similar projects as a result of this inspirational initiative."

Some of the S2 pupils from Ayr Academy had this to say:

"I enjoyed making my own ball and using it in PE. It was good to help people too"

"The ragballs were really different to a normal ball"