Positive report praises leadership and engagement at St Cuthbert's Primary

 25 April 2017  |  

The high quality of education at St Cuthbert's Primary School in Maybole has been recognised in a report published today (25 April). The positive appraisal from Education Scotland found that the primary was achieving 'good' performances across the board.

Inspectors identified a number of important strengths including clear leadership and high quality teaching, and also set out areas for improvement, such as improving the use of information to help maximise attainment.

The Inspectors came to their conclusions after a recent visit to the school, which included discussions with parents, young people and staff. As part of the process, evidence was gathered on the quality of leadership and children's achievements.

In summary, the inspection team found the following strengths:

  • The productive engagement of all children in the high quality teaching and learning experiences facilitated by staff.
  • The positive impact of collaborative working with partners and staff from other establishments enriching children's learning.
  • Children's range of involvement in activities in and beyond the classroom enhancing their confidence and achievements.
  • The improvements in children's skills in mental mathematics.
  • The clear leadership and early impact of the newly appointed headteacher.

 The following areas for improvement were also identified:

  • Improve how staff use information about children's progress to ensure all children maximise their attainment and achievements.
  • Ensure a clear rationale for the targeted use of interventions to support children's progress.
  • Strengthen the approaches to the teaching of listening and talking, to enable children to build on their skills more effectively.
  • Develop a clear whole school approach to the development of children's skills for learning, life and work.

Douglas Hutchison, South Ayrshire Council's Director of Educational Services, said, "The inspectors clearly liked what they saw, which is testament to the quality of teaching and interest in learning from the children at the school.

"Particular praise was highlighted for the performance of the new Headteacher, Mark Ingram, who has made a positive early impact at St Cuthbert's, which is an encouraging sign.

"But we are not complacent and we have been given clear guidance by Education Scotland to focus on building on the current momentum in the months ahead, feedback which I am sure will be welcomed by staff."

The full published letter and quality indicators (as applicable) are available on the Education Scotland website.