New recycling service goes live in Annbank, Barassie and Loans

 25 January 2019  |  

Thousands more people are about to start using South Ayrshire's new recycling service as part of the fourth stage of a Council campaign. 9,500 households in Annbank, Barassie and Loans as well as parts of Ayr, Prestwick, and a number of rural properties between Ayr and Maybole are being encouraged to help increase the quality of the recycling collected while also increasing the amount of materials recycled. The service goes live in these areas from Monday 4 February.

Large quantities of recyclable materials and food waste are currently left in general waste bins and end up in landfill sites. Council figures suggest that 36% of waste left in green bins is food; 14% is paper, card and cardboard; and 11% is metal, plastic and cartons – all of which can be recycled. Every year more than 20,000 tonnes of household waste is sent to landfill, leading to increased costs to the public expense.

The Scottish Government has set a national target to recycle 70% of all waste by 2025. To improve South Ayrshire's current household recycling rate, which is just over 55%, new ways of collecting materials are being put in place. This development is being supported by a grant from Zero Waste Scotland which aims to improve consistency in recycling services across Scotland.

Two new smaller bins are being introduced for 'Paper, Card and Cardboard', and 'Glass Bottles and Jars', while the existing blue bins will be used for 'Metals, Plastics and Cartons'. Uplift of the 'Non-recyclable' green bin will change, with collections taking place every three weeks.

Councillor Ian Cochrane, South Ayrshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Environment said work was continuing to make sure the service worked for every community, "With more than 37,000 homes now using the new service, every property in South Ayrshire will be using the new service by early spring.

"The majority of people have switched easily to the new bins and we've taken a flexible approach in areas where people have asked for help. Communal systems are available for people who want to share bins and we're happy to discuss available options with neighbours looking to reduce the number of bins between them.

"I'd like to thank communities across South Ayrshire for working with us to make this new service a success, with the long term benefits helping us to meet national targets and further improve our overall recycling rate."

The penultimate stage of the programme will see the service introduced to 15,000 properties in Coylton, Maybole Symington, Tarbolton, and parts of Ayr and Prestwick, in March 2019.

If you would like to know when the service is coming to your area please use the 'Your Neighbourhood' section on the South Ayrshire Council website or phone customer services on 0300 123 0900.