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New catchment areas for Muirhead and Struthers

 22 February 2016  |  

New catchment areas have been agreed for Muirhead and Struthers Primary Schools in response to housing developments over the years including a major new housing project which will see 680 new homes built in the north east of Troon.

The current catchment arrangements had to be altered as they did not take into account where children are living or the proximity of housing developments to Struthers Primary School.

Both schools have room for additional pupils and the changes will not affect children who are already attending either school or who will have a brother or sister attending at a later date.

The decision follows a consultation with pupils, parents, teachers, community councils and parent councils; there were also two public meetings held in September last year.

After considering the feedback, South Ayrshire Council made some changes to the proposed boundaries for example Earn Road will now stay within the Struthers primary school catchment area and more houses on Deveron Road will remain within the Muirhead primary school catchment area.

Councillor Margaret Toner, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "It was very important we took the time to consider the opinions of those affected by the alterations to the catchment areas. Not only have we listened but we have acted and made changes to our plans. I am happy that both schools will be able to successfully integrate any new pupils as a result of the new housing development."