Inspector highlights good practice at Masonhill Crematorium

 05 September 2016  |  

Good practice highlighted at Masonhill Crematorium

Good practice highlighted at Masonhill Crematorium

Masonhill Crematorium in Ayr has just received a high grading from HM Inspector of Crematoria Scotland. The annual inspection of the facility revealed 'a high standard level of service' with 'strong leadership' and 'experienced' staff.

When the inspector visited the facility he found 'great attention to detail' with all business processes documented and safeguards in place to ensure ashes are tracked throughout the cremation process to minimise the risk of human error.

The Inspector also recognised the special care given when dealing with pregnancy loss, baby and infant ashes.

All technical staff at the crematorium have now passed the Institute of Cemeteries & Crematorium Management (ICCM) Baby & Infant Cremation Training and Masonhill has been accredited as a Good Practice Reference Centre for Infant Cremation by the ICCM, the first such accreditation for a crematorium in Scotland.

There was also recognition of the crematorium's metal recycling project. Masonhill is part of the UK Crematoria Recycling Metals Scheme which means that with the permission of relatives, metals can be recovered and recycled. The report noted that in the past year, £4000 was donated to a charity as a result of the recycling scheme, a similar amount will be confirmed this September.

The report also notes that refurbishment works are currently taking place at the crematorium but that staff go out of their way to ensure the work does not interfere with services.

The accreditation comes as Masonhill prepares to mark its 50th anniversary. Since 1966 the crematorium has served the Ayrshire community and once the refurbishment works are completed in November, the facility is planning a commemorative service, with tours throughout the crematorium. The public will be able to look round the crematorium and see how the facility has changed over the years. They will also be able to pour over old records, participate in the service or stroll around the gardens.

Councillor John McDowall, Sustainability and Environment Portfolio Holder at the Council said: "I would like to congratulate the crematorium for this report. Staff work in a very emotional environment and their professionalism and dedication has been officially recognised in this inspection.

The importance of attention to detail is crucial as is the training and first class record keeping. I am sure Masonhill will continue to deliver the best service possible and build on this success."

The high standards at Masonhill have been recognised previously when the facility won an award at the prestigious Cemetery Of The Year Awards which is judged by industry experts.