Inspection success for schools

 06 October 2020  |  

Glowing reports for schools

Glowing reports for schools

Four South Ayrshire schools are delighted to have received really positive inspection reports from Education Scotland.

The schools - Belmont Academy; Prestwick Academy; Forehill Primary and Early Years Centre; and Glenburn Primary and Early Years Centre - were all inspected before the COVID-19 lockdown this year.

Education Scotland inspectors praised the quality of education in each of the schools they visited.

The Council's Leadership Panel welcomed the inspection reports.

Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Councillor Peter Henderson said: "I am delighted that all four recent inspection reports are very positive.

"It's clear that children and young people in South Ayrshire are reaping the benefits of high quality learning and teaching in our schools and early years centres.

"I would like to commend the strong leadership of our senior Education management team and Head Teachers and thank our staff and pupils for all their hard work."

Tracy Stewart, Head Teacher, Belmont Academy said: "We are very proud of our inspection report and in particular the recognition that we received around our work supporting wellbeing.

"We are also proud that our partnership work with the South Ayrshire Champions Board has been highlighted as practice worth sharing more widely. Onwards and upwards!"

Gordon Bone, Head Teacher, Prestwick Academy commented: "We were delighted that the Education Scotland Inspection Team recognised the ongoing progress made at Prestwick Academy.

"The hard work and high expectations of our young people from our dedicated staff was highlighted as a key strength, in addition to our continual improvement in attainment, and effective partnership working leading to positive destinations."

David Watson, Head Teacher, Forehill Primary School said: "As a community, we are extremely proud of the outcome of our inspection, and are absolutely delighted colleagues from Education Scotland recognised the major strengths of Forehill.

"We are proud of the achievements of all our young people who are enthusiastic and respectful to each other, as well as happy and eager to learn. The partnerships with parents, along with the commitment and hard work from the large team of motivated and enthusiastic staff, were recognised and result in the high levels of attainment across the school."

Linda Cairns, Head Teacher, Glenburn Primary School, said: "I would like to thank all of our staff for their continued hard work, passion and commitment and for bringing our school vision and values to life.

"Teamwork is a strength of the school, and I would also like to thank our parents, partners and wider school community for their ongoing involvement in the life of the school.

"Most importantly to the wonderful children of Glenburn. Thank you for working hard and striving to be the best that you can be. You continue to impress us all and we could not be more proud of you."

More information on the inspection reports can be found here.