High praise for Kingcase Early Years Centre

 05 August 2019  |  

Kingcase Early Years Centre in Prestwick has received an 'Excellent' evaluation from the Care Inspectorate following an inspection.

The inspectors looked at the quality of care and support and the environment and found 'high quality' performance across a wide range of activities; they went on to award 'Excellent' evaluations for these key areas.

Some of the comments inspectors received from parents include:

"My child loves attending the nursery at Kingcase Early Years Centre. My child has developed very positive relationships with all staff, who know my child very well."

"Staff at Kingcase Early Years Centre have gone above and beyond to help my child settle and feel welcome at nursery."

"The nursery has a very friendly and welcoming 'feeling' and an excellent start to my child's experiences of the education system."

The inspection team found the following strengths at the early years centre:

-Management and staff recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents

-There is promotion of healthy lifestyles within the centre through a wide range of activities

-Staff work hard to embed a communication friendly environment, where all children can communicate their needs, wishes and choices

-Opportunities for children to be independent are maximised.

The following area for improvement was identified:

-Personal plans should be developed to include a clear outline of children's health, welfare and safety needs and detail how these needs will be met.

Councillor William Grant, Children and Young People Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "I am delighted with this report, it's clear that there is a strong bond between parents, children and staff which compliments the learning environment.

"Staff at the centre go out of their way to ensure the children feel valued and listened to which is great for their personal development. I am sure all the hard work will continue and the 'excellent' standard will be maintained, well done!"

The full report can be found on the Care Inspectorate website