Get ready for Adult Learners Week

 12 May 2017  |  

South Ayrshire Council is reminding us that it's never too late to learn, a theme which is at the very heart of Adult Learners Week.

Running from 22-26 May, this national campaign celebrates learning throughout Scotland and the Council is keen to champion the positive role learning can play in changing lives for the better.

It's hoped that by highlighting the range of activities available to adult learners in South Ayrshire, even more adults will acquire new skills and gain qualifications to improve their circumstances.

A number of drop in sessions are taking place during Adult Learning Week. Pop along to the Adult Learning Open Day in Ayr or find a new career path at the Job Search event in Girvan. There's also an opportunity to unlock your creativity at an arts and crafts session.

You can also get involved in other activities and classes which are taking place across South Ayrshire. Why not try the Basic IT class or improve your reading. You could even learn new cooking techniques or build your confidence.

Sign up soon as the classes are already proving popular……

Fiona is well on her way to completing a number of classes: "I am doing PC Passport and Front of Office courses and my aim is to go back to College and get employment in an office environment."

Kenny went on the basic IT course and is already reaping the benefits "I am better at communicating with people. I can use the computer to keep in touch with family and friends and order from the internet".

Neelam has been attending a course to learn English and is coming on leaps and bounds "I am able to speak English clearly in the shops, doctors and at the nursery. Reading in English is also easier and the whole family is now speaking in English at home."

Gordon is set to continue his learning as he gets ready to get back into work "I am so pleased that I completed the Front of Office Skills course and my main priority is to get myself work ready. My learning journey has been and still is life changing"

Laura and her family have benefited from the Parents as Early Educators Programme (PEEP) "I am more confident in my written communication and I feel more confident with maths. I have used a lot of PEEP ideas at home and it has taught me a lot about children in their early years".

Claire Monaghan, Head of Communities at South Ayrshire Council said:"Learning can improve confidence and wellbeing as well as helping deal with every day issues. There are so many adult learning opportunities out there and small steps can lead to big improvements. These activities can help build a better life for adults and their families and there is an opportunity to make new friends along the way…so get involved"

If you want more information about any of the learning activities or opportunities in your local area go to or email

You can also phone:

Girvan and surrounding villages – Pauline Vause – 01465 716600

Maybole and surrounding villages – Alison Wales – 01655 882105

Ayr and surrounding villages – Scott Thomson – 01292 267381 or 616361

Troon, Prestwick and surrounding villages – Kerry Cameron - 01292 319357

Kincaidston – Sandra McMath - 01292 559396

Adult Literacy – Eric Lindsay - Freephone 08003898320