Development at Corton takes a new step forward

 24 March 2017  |  

Proposals for the redevelopment of 125 acres of land at Corton, on the southeastern outskirts of Ayr, have taken a positive step forward with the announcement that the site has been purchased by Edinburgh based developer Manse LLP.

Following the cancellation of a previous proposal which included the development of a new Sainsburys superstore, Manse LLP working in partnership with Palmer Capital, has taken the opportunity to deliver what has been promised for so long. There will be a new master plan based on the principals already established, for a mixed use scheme that will provide much needed new housing.

David Mitchell, Managing Partner of Manse said "This development has had a number of false starts over the years and we are very happy to now have the opportunity to work with South Ayrshire Council to deliver an important project for the local economy. We are confident we can unlock the issues which have prevented the delivery of this important site, as we have done with many other strategic projects around Scotland and the north of England. We have a very warm welcome from senior officers at the council and believe that together we will make Corton happen."

Jill Cronin, South Ayrshire Council's Head of Enterprise, Development and Leisure, said: "We welcome this new interest in the Corton site by Manse LLP. We are committed to supporting the right kind of development at Corton that will deliver the homes, jobs, businesses and investment that will create a sustainable new community that will be an asset to South Ayrshire. We look forward to working collaboratively with Manse LLP and supporting them through the statutory planning process."

As the first step towards the delivery of new development, a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) will shortly be submitted to South Ayrshire Council, giving local businesses and residents the opportunity to have their say on the content and form of the proposed development. It is intended that this will feed in to the submission of a new planning application in late summer, with a view to commencement of development on the site in early 2018.