Council staff to the rescue - watch saved in the nick of time

 11 August 2017  |  

Staff return treasured watch

Staff return treasured watch

Sharp eyed Council staff saved the day at Troon Recycling Centre recently when they spotted a watch lying near one of the recycling containers.

Chris McGhee picked up the watch and alerted other members of staff. So, later that day when Mr Pirie from Troon stopped by to check if anyone had seen his cherished timepiece, they were able to return it.  

A delighted Mr Pirie said: "I searched for the watch when I realised it was missing. I looked everywhere and as a last resort went back to the Recycling Centre just in case.

"The watch was a gift from my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary so it has great sentimental value. I will be getting the strap replaced so I can continue wearing it.

"I would like to thank staff at the Recycling Centre for finding the watch and keeping it safe for me."